Managed Services



We accelerate your e-commerce channel setup by doing the following:

  • Creating your customized UI/UX Design
  • Software development of the e-commerce website (we strongly prefer Magento)
  • Setting up your product onboarding process
  • Helping setting up your payment gateway, hosting provider and courier relationships
  • Helping you recruit and/or train your internal team for e-commerce coordination, customer services and warehouse management

Depending on your requirements, we can typically go live within 12 weeks for a competitive fixed price.


Ongoing Management

Once you are live, you will need support with ongoing Online Marketing (paid, email, SEO, affiliate, social media), Technology Management, Online Store Operations and UI/UX Design. You can pick and choose from the services below. Based on your unique requirements, we will mutually decide upon a revenue share/commission, retainer or a hybrid model.

Online Marketing

  • SEO (on-page, off-page, ranking, backlinks)
  • conversion rate optimization with A/B testing
  • Email newsletters
  • Paid Marketing (Facebook, Google GDN, Google AdWords, re-targeting)
  • Social Media management for various networks

Technology Management

On-going technology management including bug fixing, system admin services, uptime monitoring, security patches/hacking prevention and daily backups. Please note, any new functionality or enhancements will be quoted and charged separately.

Online Store Operations

This includes managing your inventory updates, order file/dispatch note generation, logistics (booking + tracking with one or more than one courier companies) using our Omni-Channel Engine. Your operations will be enabled for fulfilment from one location or more locations (i.e. your warehouse, your stores etc.). We will work closely with the logistics partners and orchestrate smooth delivery and customers will have real time tracking of their orders, including emails + SMS notifications for the steps in the order processing workflow.

UI/UX Design

Your online channel will continuously require design work for online marketing (paid ads, email marketing) and your website. UI/UX design tweaks will be made on an on-going basis to continuously improve the user experience.