About Us

About Us

Shopistan is incorporated in Pakistan - since 2012 - and in Delaware, US - since 2013 - and raised its seed round from Kima Ventures in 2014.

Shopistan is run by Ali Aziz , an e-commerce veteran with experience working at Amazon.com and eBay. We are a team of over 40 professionals with a heavy focus on technology.

Shopistan does the following:

  • 1) Makes B2B and B2C e-commerce products
  • 2) Provides managed e-commerce services
  • 3) Provides technology and design services
  • 4) Provides product (technology and ui/ux design) acceleration to startups in exchange for equity

Shopistan is a leader in Pakistan's e-commerce space. We are going after a market that is projected to be over USD 2B by 2020. We lead by bringing innovation to:

  • the buyer and seller experience
  • omni-channel ecommerce and
  • multi-channel marketing

If you want to leverage Shopistan as a one stop shop for e-commerce, please email help@shopistan.pk